A love poem

Tamu kama nini

The countless nights on the sofa watching Spartacus/24 hours/ Downtown Abbey

The thousand times I fall asleep

The sweet pilaus and biriyanis we cook together

The way you say I don’t know how to cook biriyani

The million moments we make love

The two ducks you kill

The million times you run to the market for me

The half of the maize grain you keep for me

The chicken breast you put into my mouth

Our loving faces we wake-up to in the morning

Never one time I wait for you in vain

Never one second I am not thinking of you when abroad

The one-thousand-five-hundred-twenty-two whatsapps we send each other

The precious times I walk behind you to fall in love with your steps

The time you take me dancing in the bedroom

The sweet words which stay forever

The book I wrote for you

The day you say: Don’t you know you work for me

The irreplacable help you give me

The millions I earn for you

The hundreds of chardonnays and kahawas, juisi ya tende’s and kakadeh’s

My infinite admiration for you

Your infinite admiration for me

Our infinite admiration for each other


Don’t say No.