Vietnam? Vietnam! Now?

A lovely, well-informed story in NYT about Vietnam in October 2020 – read it here – brought my thoughts back to this wonderful, crazy, amazing ex-war country which I last visited in 2012.

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Here my stories and photos from that trip. And actually, having very little Corona, it seems just the right country, if any, to travel to now (besides Zanzibar, of course).

Berliner Zeitung:


BELLA/TINA Frauenzeitung:


I can recommend especially Hanoi and the beach town Hoi An (easy to remember, ain’t it?). Shop, shop, shop, wonder, wonder, wonder and talk to people! From l’Indochine grandeur to contemporary fashion which will blow your mind, from Jane Fonda combat stories to Mao Tse Tung T-shirts – Vietnam has it all. And don’t forget the vegan delights, coffee bars with fluffy croissants,of course, and the intellectual chic scene.

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