The making of a bride

It’s wedding time! Wedding bells were ringing for our friends Jenny and Saidi Sidi Rasta in Zanzibar. And if you have ever wondered how a wedding takes place there, here are photos from one of the matrimonial events, the mother-in-law’s tea party (certainly another tea party then those in the US!)

And isn’t the bride beautiful?

Thanks for letting us be a part of it, Jenny and Sidi – even if the bridesmaid turned me into a sort of Squaw with her make-up-kit and foundation a tit bit too dark. Never mind, that’s part of a jolly masquerade ya harusi.

The bride arrives and waits for a make-up retouch

A helping hand to do the hair… every family has a hairdresser or visagist expert among them

Mummy is pleased

And off we go…

But first some posing…

Oh yes, almost forgot him: here’s the groom!

Congratulations, dear couple, from beloved Ahmed and myself, the Squaw