Shopping & Lifestyle: Zanzi, the home of Retro

How beautiful can a place get? We feel history at every moment in Zanzibar, a 1000-year-old history gently breathing. And the 40s and 50s and 60s – all very much alive.

Zanzibar is the home of retro in the Indian Ocen, much depleted, but still there. Ahmed and me, we love it. And a three-wheel-pickie like the one above or the oldtimer below would be my favourite cars.



The Zanzibar Curio Shop (Hurumzi Street 200), owned and run by Asif M. Akberali and his forefathers, is an entire warehouse full of antiques, interior decoration, frames, lampshades, buttons, photos, carvings, emaille signboards and, and, and. Ten thousands of objects and, on top of that, they have more storage with Swahili and Art-deco furniture. Asif is a school mate of Ahmed, the next generation is taking over.


Obviously we also go retro in this atmosphere. Ahmed in a 70s suit. Sometimes he works as a model. Together we explore the wonderfully fainted streets of Zanzibar.




Bagdhad, Zanzibar, the world: One of our favourite corners downtwon, in the centre of the city. Ahmed’s office, the Stone Town Café, in the back, where we often enjoy a spice coffee or freshly homemade passion juice together. And lastly, my dream house, a historic gem in the neighbourhood.

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